Staying Positive

I just want to commend anyone who has and keeps a positive outlook on life. That takes a lot of practice and talent. In my constant quest to be a better me, I have been trying not sweat the small stuff, but lately these lemons are making disgusting undrinkable lemonade.

You see, the small stuff piles up one on top of the other and it’s hard not to get crushed under neath it.  How do you positive people do it and make it look so easy? Is it pills? Can you share?

I have been taking baby steps and thought using my alone time, when I am calm and free of people to stress me out, would be a good time to practice. Hopefully I can focus on the positive and it will spill into all the other aspects of my life. 

I tried reading ‘The Secret’ and I couldn’t get through it. I was annoyed at it’s repetativeness.

So, I listen to Joel Osteen’s podcasts on my way to work, and on the way home I blast my tunes, sing and dance in the inevitable parkway traffic. In combination with my effort to shed my spare tire, I have taken up the mellowing practice of Yoga.

These efforts are to better myself but occasionally, like today, I get derailed by a bad driver cutting me off, someone singing in the cubicle next to me (out of tune and ALL day), or someone that has a total disregard for my work and what it entails.

It’s these derailments that I wish I could take a deep breath and move on. However, I do not think I am far enough in this journey of positive thinking to do this. Instead, I will go home and drink a LARGE glass of wine.


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