Cruising Down This Winding Road

Life sure hasn’t turned out the way I expected. I thought right out of college, I would grab a job as a television news reporter. I thought by the time I was 34 I would have worked my way up to the anchor desk. I also thought, I would be living in a five bedroom, 3.5 bath home on a lake with my handsome, successful husband, and my three little boys (Garry, Oliver, and Chase). My family and I would want for nothing.

The reality is pretty much the complete opposite. I’m not sure when the dream of being a television news reporter left my heart, but it did. And when it did, I was left staring down this long, one way road that magically became curvy and treacherous. So, I took the easy route and got a job with my best friend’s mom. I went into sales. I was in sales throughout my whole 20’s. I wasn’t happy but I was good at it. I quickly became an Assistant Manager and I was comfortable.

Then an opportunity came. An old college friend offered me a job doing marketing (with a little writing on the side) for his newspaper company. I thought, “it’s now or never,” so I took it. Sadly, that didn’t last long and I found myself on the unemployment line.

I took that summer off, and tried to really think about what I wanted in life. I was single, living alone, trying to make ends meet, and wondering what happened to all the dreams I had. Then, in between job hunting, and going to the beach, I landed a new jig.

It’s really a great job and I get the opportunity to do things I never could have imagined. I get to see and meet my favorite country artists, and be a part of a company that truly cares about it’s employees.

However, it’s three and a half years later and I’m realizing I never answered the question “what do you want in life?” I find myself still, single (again), living alone (well, I do have a pup), and trying to make ends meet. It’s as if nothing has really changed except this time around is, I have new dreams.

So at 34, I am cruising down this winding road with new focus, new purpose, and new perspective. Wish me luck!

Believe in yourself


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