Another Birthday

I’m a horrible blogger. Let me just put that out there now. My page has no theme, I rarely post, and I have no idea what I’m doing. 

With that all said, it’s been another year. Last year I was so excited, I knew what I wanted and was going to work at getting it. As that year came to a close Sunday, I looked back and thought I didn’t get much accomplished. I actually gained weight instead of dropping it, I still haven’t moved, and financially I am not where I wanted to be. So, Sunday night I went to bed kind of sad. I was feeling like a failure but, when I woke up…it was a brand new year. 

I was another year older, so therefore wiser, and thought about all I actually did accomplish. I made some great business connections and friends, I got a raise, I have been more positive, and I made more time to laugh with my friends. I realized I was on the right road, and as long as I continue to stay positive and make little changes, I’ll get there. Maybe not as fast as I would like to, but eventually. 

This road I’m on is tough. It has curves and sharp turns and is littered with excuses and negativity. Truthfully, sometimes I stop and pick up some of those excuses and negativity, but I find my way back on route, looking into the horizon at the bright dreamy lights, happiness, and prosperity in the distance. 

This year, again, I intend to keep reaching for my dreams and working towards them. I plan on thinking outside the box and not limiting myself with the things I “think” I should be doing in order to reach my end result. I will put myself on a better daily routine and use my calendar more. 

Last week I signed up to be a Jamberry Independent Consultant (, so I am excited about that new venture. I also cleaned my entire house so that I can start this new year off fresh and clean! 

So, I may not be exactly where I thought I should be or wanted to be yet, but at least I know I’m on my way. 

Here's to another new year!
Here’s to another new year!



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